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Selfie-1901, 17 x 14"


Kindergarten Remembered, 12 x 8"
Private Collection


Assemblage, 15 x 11.5"

Orange Appeal, 12 x 15.5"
First Place
2011 CPSA DC201 20th Annual Exhibition

Three Pears, 11 x 15"

Strawberry Delight, 11 x 15"

Autumn Harvest, 8 x 12"

Lilly in Green, 16 x 11.5"

Cafe' Americana, 18 x 11.5"
Private Collection

Merit Award of Excellence
CPSA DC201 19th Annual Exhibition
Juried into the CPSA 17th Annual International Exhibition 2009

Just the Two of Us, 14 x 8.5"
Juried into the CPSA 16th Annual
International Exhibition 2008

Seattle Ambience, 12.5 x 18"
First Place
2009 CPSA DC201 18th Annual Exhibition
Juried into the CPSA 18th Annual International Exhibition 2010
CPSA District Chapters Award for Exceptional Achievement 2010

1929 Amilcar, 18.8 x 12.5"
Creative Achievement Award
International Guild of Realism 7th Annual Exhibition 2012

Only Driven On Sundays, 22.8 x 16.3"

The Letter, 20.0 x 12.4"

Peaceful Glow, 7 x 10.5"

Vintage Chevy Pickup
Private Collection

Harley Davidson
Private Collection

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